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About us

bck GmbH was founded in September 2005 by the partners Rainer Bätz, Mark Cooke and Florian Kock.

Rainer Bätz has been working in the field of database programming and database management for more than 20 years. Before the foundation of bck GmbH, he was in charge of several large customer projects for Siemens AG and SAP.
He and his team are responsible for the development of the portfolio and for individual customer solutions.

Mark Cook worked for Wila Verlag GmbH and later for Thomson Scientific before the foundation of bck GmbH.
His specialist subjects are the fields of trademarks and design patents, on which he has focused since 2002.
In detail, he is responsible for the product management and the fields of data preparation and digitalisation.

Florian Kock has been concentrating on topics in the IP area since 1999.
Before the foundation of bck GmbH, he worked for Thomson Dialog and Thomson Scientific.
He is responsible for the fields of sales, marketing and finances.
He gives special attention to his customer relations which he maintains with passion.