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Individual solution

The individual approach covers adaptions and extensions in polymark and polysign.

Customer-specific adaptions

  • Adaption of the standard research workflow to customer-specific workflows
  • Adaption of the standard layout to the individual company design
  • Implementation into the customer’s intranet
  • Allocation of customer-specific access rights
  • Individualised statistical evaluations
  • Open interface for data exchange in company-internal systems

Benefit for the customer

  • Facilitates and supports the cooperation between the individual departments
  • Optimises and accelerates internal workflows
  • Increases the recognition value and the identification with the customer’s company


We conduct an intensive counseling interview with you on the individual requirement profile and the framework conditions in your company. In this interview, we clarify the technical requirements, the functional scope of the solution and the possible implementation of company-specific workflows. Subsequently, we develop a concept proposal and a cost estimate.
On this basis, you decide on the realisation of the project.

Extensions in the similarity search
 Through the exclusionary criteria "NOT" it is now possible to exclude certain terms which then will not appear in the hit list.
Example: polyma NOT polymark
In the hit list you will find hits like "polyma" but not "polymark".
Number of hits increased to 10.000
 We have increased the number of hits in the hit list up to 10.000 hits.